Mixes: Guitars

Little Brother

When my brother was a baby my father would dance him to sleep in our living room to recordings of Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

Sometimes it’s words.  A story.  Sometimes a color.  A feeling.  A sound.  Timbre.

For this memory, Guitars.

for Kyle

  1. Still Racing / Julian Lynch from Mare [Olde English Spelling Bee, 2010]
  2. Pony Tails / Pants Yell! from Songs for Siblings [Asaurus, 2004]
  3. Untitled #1 (Bobby Burg/Nate Kinsella) / Joan of Arc from Presents Guitar Duets [Record Label, 2005]
  4. Cold Mountain Song 286 / Mount Eerie from Seven New Songs [P.W. Elverum & Sun, 2004]
  5. Soil / The Combovers from Soil [self-released, 2010]
  6. The Waves / The Brrr from Summer Songs (Part One) CD-R [self-released, 2005]
  7. Joseph and Rosemary / Vollmar from 13 Or So People Who Need Chances [BlueSanct, 2004]
  8. You Still Believe in Me (Beach Boys cover) / M. Ward from Transistor Radio [Merge, 2005]
  9. Translatee / Mandarin Dynasty from Sea Legs [Rocinante, 2005]
  10. Air à Danser / Penguin Cafe Orchestra from Penguin Cafe Orchestra [E.G., 1981]
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