Reviews: 7AM by Teengirl Fantasy

7AM by Teengirl FantasyTeengirl Fantasy 7AM [True Panther / Merok, 2010]

7AM has mixed connotations.  It is an ambiguous time for me to think about.  I imagine most people are getting ready for their day at this time.  Perhaps for some the day has finally ended.  I personally don’t think highly of 7AM.  In high school, 7AM was when I got on the bus in the morning.

Teengirl Fantasy’s Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss see 7AM beginning with “Vibes,” where the fading in of hazy synths conjures sunrise, casting a warm undercurrent of drone beneath the beat, and the streets gain activity with every bustling layer.

As with “Vibes,” the rest of 7AM feels fresh, despite its’ indebtedness in sound to classic house and funk: fat snares, icy claps, and Top Gun bass fuzz. “Cheaters,” the album’s pronounced vocal track and lead banger with heart plays out like a PG-version of Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You,” as the Oberlin College-formed duo recontextualize the soulful “Cheaters Never Win” by 70’s disco-funk group Love Committee.

Overall, the only trouble that the duo seem to have in 7AM is their hesitancy; much of the album moves through in a way that simply maintains stasis.  Though they lack the autonomous discretion of independent auteurs, I see promise in the joint venture bedroom producers, permitting they push each other a little harder for their next release.

Still, I wonder, what is 7AM?  Is it the sound in your ears after you’ve left the club to see the sun come up?  Is it the alarm clock protruding into your REM cycle?  Is it your mellow commuting mix?  Maybe it is all of these…but regardless of what it is, by the end of 7AM the teeming energy and optimism of “Forever The Feeling” seems to forecast a decent run for Teengirl Fantasy, or at the very least a good note to start your day.

Music credit: “Vibes,” “Floor To Floor,” “Cheaters,” and “Forever The Feeling” (Tracks 1, 5, 6, and 9) from 7AM by Teengirl Fantasy [True Panther / Merok, 2010]

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