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I Know I Got Religion / Kurt Vile

I Know I Got Religion / Kurt Vile from Square Shells EP [Matador, 2010] Kurt Vile made me want to learn guitar and spill cranberry-orange vodkas.  However old I become, I imagine this song will remind me of what it was … Continue reading

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Introduction to Little Brother’s Year In Music: 2010

Over the next 3 weeks I will be reflecting on my year in music. I will post daily for 20 days, each day sharing one image, one recording, and one story. Each image will represent the contemporary work of some of my favorite … Continue reading

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Profiles: Henryk Górecki

Henryk Górecki (1933-2010) was a Polish composer who, like many composers of his generation, began influenced by the expressionists – disillusioned post-war figures who captured the ugly side of the 20th century through heavily controlled, over-processed, and overwrought music.  As he grew … Continue reading

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Reviews: Sufjan Stevens (Live in Philadelphia)

The Academy of Music was abuzz as the lights of a tree-sized chandelier dimmed.  “I’m sorry in advance,” warned a second-wind teenie-bopper of the 90’s seated next to me, “I’m probably going to scream when I see him.” 

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Profiles: Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell (1951-1992) was a midwestern boy who made his way to New York in his 20s and remained there for the rest of his life.  A classically-trained cellist, New York avant-garde composer, and disco artist, the broad range of labels … Continue reading

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Reviews: LIVEWIRE Festival (Baltimore)

This past weekend I had the fortune of attending a portion of the first LIVEWIRE Festival held at the University of Maryland: Baltimore County (unfortunately, no connection with Baltimore’s other Wire).

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