Introduction to Little Brother’s Year In Music: 2010

The Green Wall, Longwood GardensOver the next 3 weeks I will be reflecting on my year in music.

I will post daily for 20 days, each day sharing one image, one recording, and one story.

Each image will represent the contemporary work of some of my favorite visual artists.

Each recording – unranked – will showcase the most powerful emotional, mental, and physical reactions I’ve had to music over the past year – drawing from a full range of my experiences, including the material (recordings) and the immaterial (live performance).   For me, this is about music of 2010, although in few exceptions I will include music that was actually conceived prior to this year.   And because my intent with Little Brother is to share the music itself, digital examples – as usual – will be my common denominator.

And each story will be autobiographical.  In my writing, I will not aim to categorize new trends in music, nor qualify musical value. Nor am I interested in summing each artist up in a brief paragraph.  Each body of writing will be about my relationship to the music in my life, and will be therefore, sentimental.  It is my hope that you will simply press play with curiosity, understanding that each case must have had some kind of impact on me.   If, ultimately, you find yourself interested to know more about an artist, I hope you will begin your own relationship with that artist in your own way.

In the end, if this was for anyone, it would be for me.  But I hope you might enjoy it too.

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One Response to Introduction to Little Brother’s Year In Music: 2010

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m enjoying this series!

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