Colouring of Pigeons / The Knife

Blown-Out (Cry, Oh Light!) (2010) by Adrienne LynchColouring of Pigeons / The Knife (with Planningtorock and Mt. Sims) from Tomorrow, In A Year [Mute, 2010]

For my master’s comprehensive exam one of my questions was to list and describe the most important works with percussion.  I put down Wipeout among my other answers. But I wasn’t just trying to be some smart-ass.  I’ve had serious identity problems as a percussionist.  Why doesn’t the music I listen to sound more like the music I perform?Along the way, this song reminded me that everything was going to be o.k.

Image credit: Blown-Out (Cry, Oh Light!) (2010) by Adrienne Lynch

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One Response to Colouring of Pigeons / The Knife

  1. Adrienne Lynch says:

    this is an amazing song – i love how it bridges the gap you describe: it really, really does. it puts me somewhere between meredith monk/morton feldman, and dirty projectors>>>good stuff!

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