Chinatown / Wild Nothing

Structure I (2010) by Yoojeung Park

Chinatown / Wild Nothing from Gemini [Captured Tracks, 2010]

I remember lying on the carpet over the wooden floor in Chad’s dimly lit apartment. Chris was turning 20 at midnight.  I saved the newly released Gemini – which had just shipped – and a couple other records to premiere at a listening party with my friends.

Listening to music feels a lot different to me now.  With the Internet and more and more music being released several months in advance, I can pretty much listen to whatever I want, whenever I want.  It took a lot of restraint for me to keep that vinyl in the sleeve and hide the download in my iTunes library.  In the end, it felt worth it.

The next day I asked Chris what he thought.  He said he’d already heard it.

Image credit: Structure I (2010) by Yoojeung Park

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