Lalibela / Caribou

Site Unseen (2010) by David CarpenterLalibela / Caribou from Swim [Merge, 2010]

When I went back to Louisiana in January it took everything I had.  I didn’t want to go.   My parents, unendingly supportive, set out on the 2-day drive with me.

When it came time to leave in July, I made the journey alone.  The trip took me four days. Gracious friends hosted me along the way.  I remember driving and feeling that I would never make it.  When I’d finally made it, it was only a blink in time.

and when this song came on, I got out of the car and I danced.

Image credit: Site Unseen (2010) by David Carpenter

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2 Responses to Lalibela / Caribou

  1. KSM says:

    Sometimes dancing is all we can do to help it.


    <3. K.

  2. michael says:

    i remember that dance. pure sex.

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