Slave / Bad Temple

Stolen Pride (2010) by Hannah March CampbellSlave / Bad Temple from Fight or Flight CD-R [self-released, 2010]

None of the boys were old enough to drink yet, just like my little brother.  Austin and Scott had a house.  Austin was generous and usually the first to pass out.  Scott had a girlfriend and was usually the first to disappear.  They let me pick the songs and John got everybody dancing.  They were brothers, but not by blood.  This was a brotherhood that is created after a year in the dorms.

I had started coming over at the end of the fall semester – kind of a last hurrah to my college career.  They were brothers to me too, but this was the type where I brought the beer.  This Friday a lot of people came by.  The weather was getting warm again.

John was having a hard year.  His father died.  His girlfriend dumped him.  I tried to be there for him and we had gotten close.  Now all his teeth were gone.

When I got the call on Saturday morning, I shook.  It was the potholes on State Street.  He flew over his handlebars and his face hit the ground first.  He was in the hospital.  I had left the party just before he did – I wasn’t there for him – I was a wreck.

I went to her apartment.  I had to shake the jitters.  I needed comfort.  I hadn’t seen her in months.

I used to share music with her.  There was so much for her to hear now.  And when I started to dance that night it was the same as it always had been, only now I was dancing by myself.  She sat and smiled at me, her teeth blushed behind her lips.

Image credit: Stolen Pride (2010) by Hannah March Campbell

This story was published in New Fraktur Arts Journal, Issue #2, Winter 2010

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