Afterward to Little Brother’s Year In Music: 2010

The Green Wall, Longwood Gardens

Yesterday was my last story.  I am exhausted.  Thank you for reading.

I will be returning in the New Year and posting again in my usual weekly fashion.

In the meantime, I’ve created a new page at the top of the screen for my “Year In Music.” Hopefully this will facilitate navigating through the artists and musicians I’ve chosen.

And finally, I wanted to acknowledge everyone who helped make this possible.  Special thanks to all of the visual artists: Brad Wreyford, Liz Noble, Adrienne Lynch, Katrina Andry, Cody Arnall, Pareesa Pourian, Yoojeung Park, David Carpenter, Xavier Jimenez, Kit French, Leo Madriz, Lindsey Maestri, Sarah Schimeneck, Matt Dove, Tyler Mackie, Kim Howard, Hannah March Campbell, 003D, and Isoko Onodera.  Additional thanks to Allison Regan, Bill Kelley, Brian Steinmann, Kate Marchetto, Kyle Page, and my parents.

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