Mixes: Sheepman Lives

SheepmanThe other day a man came to check up on our HVAC system.  I was working on this mix at the time, but that really has nothing to do with this story.  My parents were at work and I stayed home for the afternoon to let the HVAC man in.  I showed him around as to where the filters were and the crawl space and went in to my room to work.  After a short while he was finished and knocked on my door, “All done, here’s a receipt.”

When I finished the mix I went downstairs to find that the man had left a trail of dirt through our living room carpet.  At once, a quick jolt of frustration shot through me and I muttered a short wind of profanity as I reached for the vacuum.  I did get most of the dirt up, except for a little smudge by the air vent.  “I would have been a little more careful,” I thought to myself.

Later when I told mom she shrugged. “Oh well,” she said.  And that was that.

I’ve been struggling with the idea of being careful.  I see myself as a careful person and usually value that quality, but lately I’m not so sure.  My friend Sarah asked me if I’d had a New Year’s resolution.  I hadn’t thought about it but said, “I dunno, make more mistakes?”  Still, later when she asked how it was going the only thing I could think of was that I’d messed up a Sudoku.

With Little Brother I’ve become particularly careful.  In the beginning I tried to share music as I actively lived through it.  But as time has gone by, the careful in me has seeped into my work, challenging every move I make.  When I realized that I didn’t want to share any of the music on this mix for the sake of future posts, I knew something was wrong. Now I don’t know anymore and perhaps it is a mistake, but I suppose with my resolution and all that wouldn’t be so bad either.

for Zak

  1. Bombay / El Guincho from Pop Negro [Young Turks, 2010]
  2. Found Out / Caribou from Swim [Merge, 2010]
  3. S.A.W. / Tanlines from SALEM/Tanlines Split 7″ [FADER, 2010]
  4. Date of Birth / How to Dress Well from Love Remains [Lefse, 2010]
  5. “A Cattleman among Cattlemen”
  6. Unthinkable (Physical Therapy Remix) / Alicia Keys [unreleased, 2010]
  7. Impression of a City Morning / Brown Recluse from Morning Tapestry [Slumberland, 2011]
  8. “What kind of favor could you owe a Sheepman?”
  9. Shumba / Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited from Gwindingwi Rine Shumba [Water, 1980]
  10. Killin’ the Vibe (feat. Panda Bear) / Ducktails from Killin’ the Vibe EP [self-released, 2011]
  11. Real Love (Tropical Acid Version by ARP) / Delorean from Real Love [Single] [True Panther, 2010]
  12. “Then the whole range explodes…”
  13. Ocean City / Kurt Vile from Square Shells EP [Matador, 2010]
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