Mixes: Spring Break 2011

Highland Coffees

So much has been going on in my life its been difficult to keep up.  Still, being that last week was Spring Break for me, it felt only natural to prep my annual SB mix.  So hooked on The Weeknd track, I think thats my song of SB’11.  Check out the song of SB’10 here.

long play:

w/ markers:

for Kit and David

  1. Atiba Song / Panda Bear from ATIBA EVANS Panasonic GH2 Skate [unreleased, 2011]
  2. Islands / The xx from The xx [Young Turks, 2009]
  3. The Party (Sheepman SB edit w/ birds) / The Weeknd from House of Balloons [self-released, 2011]
  4. Endless Spring / Houses from All Night [Lefse, 2010]
  5. Love Is Overtaking Me / Arthur Russell from Love Is Overtaking Me [Audika, 2008]
  6. See Birds (Sun) / Balam Acab from See Birds EP [Tri Angle, 2010]

Image credit: Bill Kelley

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