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6 Degrees of Glockenspiel: Why Patterns? / Morton Feldman

Why Patterns? (1978) / Morton Feldman as performed by California EAR Unit from Feldman: Rothko Chapel; Why Patterns? [New Albion, 1991] I didn’t have to be ashamed to make a “lady,” so to speak, out of the glockenspiel. [Why Patterns?] is … Continue reading

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Reviews: LIVEWIRE Festival (Baltimore)

This past weekend I had the fortune of attending a portion of the first LIVEWIRE Festival held at the University of Maryland: Baltimore County (unfortunately, no connection with Baltimore’s other Wire).

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Mixes: Percussion

Yesterday marked the latest Boadrum experience as Japanese avant-rockers Boredoms celebrated 10/10/2010 with 10 drummers performing all day in Melbourne, Australia.   Unfortunately I was unable to attend, although I felt like I was there in spirit.

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When I grew up, people generally gauged their “coming of age” musical happening as the purchase of their first cassette tape, or maybe if they could afford it, a CD.  With today’s technology, I have no idea how this translates…Downloading … Continue reading

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Profiles: Morton Feldman

Morton Feldman (1926-1987) has often been referred to as a colorist for his sensitivity to timbre. For this, though generally associated with the New York School composers John Cage, Earle Brown, and Christian Wolff; Feldman may seem more strongly related … Continue reading

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